Thursday, September 4, 2014


Wow! I can't believe summer is almost over already!
This summer went by pretty fast. We mostly stayed home, but did end up doing a few things. 
The biggest thing we did this summer was a trip to Neah Bay to go fishing. 
Danny couldn't take a lot of time off so we were only able to actually be there for 2 days of fishing. 
However, the fish just weren't being caught. While we were there they only caught a few fish to keep the first day and zero the next!

On the way there Danny, Brooklyn and I went to the Woodland Park Zoo! 
It was so much fun. The highlight of the zoo was the bear! He decided to cool off and have a little swim. Luckily for us we were right on the other side of the pool! 
He swam right up to Brooklyn :) It was so cool.

The other animals were really fun and awesome too of course. 
Brookie loved the monkeys and hanging from the vines by their cages.
 She also loved the carousel.

At first she wasn't so sure about it, but when it started going up and down she smiled tons. 
If you haven't been to a Claim Jumper, you need to go. 
It was so delicious and the restaurant itself was way nice. We loved it. 
We also spent the night in Seattle so we would only have to drive four hours a day. 
Brooklyn did pretty great on drive. We cheated and let her watch Baby Einstein the whole way though.
 It worked out for everyone. She normally cries and cries in the car so it was nice to have a happy baby for the 8 hour car trip.
The rest of the summer consisted of trips to Walla Walla, fairs, boating, swimming and parks.
Brooklyn is growing growing growing! Well, she is still pretty small but is hitting milestones like crazy.
She is crawling everywhere and she is fast. I will turn my back for a second and she will be clear across the room. She has also been pulling herself up on everything in site. She is so naughty getting into everything. She loves wires of any kind! I never thought I would have to be baby proofing our house this soon.
She is so much fun now. The newborn stage is precious but this stage is so fun.
 Although chasing her around the house pretty tiring its so fun to watch her. She is always learning. She takes everything around her in. I can see her little brain soaking up everything whenever we go anywhere new.
For some reason it cut the standing part off...Kambria these videos are for you!

I have just been busy taking care of Brooklyn but she is a handful.
I have been able to read a lot of really great books during her naps and the house actually stays clean.
I love being a stay at home mom. So much better than teaching. I can do things that I never had time for.
I have been trying lots of new recipes and working out every day. Danny and I have also started to watch less TV and it's so nice to just have time together to play games and exercise together.
Danny has been busy working both of his jobs. I don't like his night job. I love the people he works for but I hate that he works nights. I don't like to be alone at night so I have been staying with family the nights that he works. He is trying to get into the HVAC career but it's harder to get in than he thought. We are really hoping for something though so he can get started on it. Even with his busy schedule he still has time to do sweet things for me! He always gives me massages when I ask him. He told me that even though it annoys him sometimes he still does it because he likes to make me happy. This morning he woke up early and I thought he was taking a shower but right before he left he told me he had a surprise for me and handed me a clue for a treasure hunt around the house. I then fell back asleep. I woke up and remembered about the clue so I went on a little treasure hunt around the house! It was so much fun. In the end my prize was two tickets to Beauty and the Beast for a date night next month! The broadway show is coming to Kennewick and we are going! Ladies, I got a keeper :)