Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flood Pics

The Rains Came Down and The Floods Came Up

So...Danny and I have been at our new house for 2 weeks now. In that two weeks we have tried to unpack everything we own and find space for it. This task has proved to be harder than it first seemed. We decided that we would focus on the upstairs first. We successfully unpacked everything that needed to go in the kitchen and proceeded to decorate. 
I had been looking forward to having a whole house to decorate however I wanted! However, the only real additions that we were aloud to make as per our lease were small nail holes. So the light pink shiny old lady wallpaper that I despise had to stay...and sadly the old lady type furniture in the front room. I have grown used to this however and learned to live with it. I have been trying to find cute and cheap ways to decorate and one place that I have found to help me with ideas is PINTREST!  I love it :) I have already done 3 crafts from pintrest for our new house and have a few more planned for the near future. I am so excited! It is finally coming together the way that I wanted! I would take some pictures but sadly....we lost our camera somewhere in the moving process and have to wait to buy a new one. But when we get one I will definitely post some :) 
So...about the title of this blog post...I'm sure some of you are wondering what that's all about. Well, yesterday morning we awoke to the wonderful reality of a flooded basement. Danny and I ran around panicking that we had done something to cause it. There were 3 inches of water on the entire basement floor and in the storage room the ceiling had collapsed in the corner and boxes and such were soaked. Did I mention that we are renting this house from an older couple while they are on their mission and she is like the queen of food storage? I mean seriously, this lady is ready for the end of the world. As soon as we figured out the water was coming from the master bedroom bathroom Danny realized he had to break into the window (don't worry he had permission to do so) to get into the room since the couple had locked the door on us in case we thieved...I guess. Anyways...we got it all figured out and the lady called people to come in and fix the sink and now there is a crew working on our house for the next 18 days. Yesterday was spent ripping up all the carpet and starting to move things out of the storage room. Today is tearing out damaged walls and moving the rest of the stuff out. Lucky for me I have an excuse to not help :) Not that I need to help with all these guys doing things. But yeah, pretty much it sucks. The End