Thursday, December 5, 2013

27 Weeks

So I'm now 27 Weeks along and my belly feels huge and looks huge. 
I have started sleeping less and less due to being uncomfortable. 
I have also started having really bad back pain. 
Baby seems to always be stretched out diagonally across my stomach. 
To sum it up...I am UNCOMFORTABLE!!!
It just barely hit this week. Before that I was feeling fine all the time and didn't know why people kept asking me if I was feeling uncomfortable yet. Now I know and I also know that it is just going to keep on getting worse and worse. But, in the end we will have a sweet little baby girl, which will make this all worth it. 
Only 13 weeks left! It's crazy how slow time seems sometimes and then how fast it seems at others. 
I can't wait for baby to be here with us, but at the same time we have a ton to get ready for still! 
On a completely different note we put up all our Christmas decorations this week and got our tree! It's a little smaller than I am used to but it was like half the price of the bigger ones so we decided we'd better save some money where we can :) We like it though. It's a pretty fat little tree but it's nice because it is bushy and full. We are busy busy right now. Danny is finishing up his classes and getting ready for finals next week! 
I am still subbing every day and running to different schools all the time. It is totally wearing me out. 
All in all, life is great and we are having a lot of fun even with being busy. 
We got to see both families for Thanksgiving so that was nice. It's nice that they are both pretty close to each other so that even when we move a little ways away we will still be able to see everyone for holidays :) 
Well, that's about it for now!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sugar Baby!!!

Baby B is addicted to sugar...
I like me some sweets but baby seems to love them.
The only thing I ever really crave are sweet things. 
I made Danny buy me some See's Chocolates the other day because they looked way too good and I didn't even care that they were so expensive or that my mom will be making almost that exact candy in about a month. 

Baby is super hyper and moving all the time now. 
We can see her little kicks and karate chops through my clothes now!
It's so crazy to think that there is a little person inside of me punching me and prodding me all day. Sometimes she just keeps on kicking over and over and over again without stopping for like 20 seconds. 
It's so exciting to me. I love it when she moves at work because it makes me feel like a have a secret only between me and her. The kids have no idea what is going on inside of my tummy. It's probably the thing  that I'll miss most about being pregnant. No one can tell when it is happening unless I mention something.
 At least for now, but when she starts getting bigger and bigger it'll probably become easier to see what is happening and maybe people will even be able to see her little feet and know that I am receiving a huge kick! I wouldn't put it past her. She is soooooo squirmy. I love it :) 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

24 Weeks!!!

Wow time is flying!!!!
This is just a quick update on things. 
I am subbing every day now and it is exhausting but has its moments that make it worthwhile. 
Yesterday I subbed in a kindergarten class and they were so sweet and cute with lots of hugs and stories.
Today I subbed in 2nd grade and a girl gave me 2 roses and another one drew me a heart and it said for Mrs. Mears on it. 
They are so much fun and so precious. It makes me miss my little ones at Spectrum. 
Okay now onto baby talk. So baby has lately decided that her favorite place to kick/punch/jump my bladder. 
This is not the best thing being a teacher. There is just no time to go to the bathroom! Luckily today I had a para in my class for a little bit and was able to run out of the room before I had an accident. I'm serious...some days I feel like I am near death by embarrassment from wetting my pants. Luckily I haven't done so yet. There is always the chance though so don't be surprised if my next post is about having an accident at school. 
So here is the baby bump at 24 weeks! 

O...and here is mine :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

23 Weeks

23 Weeks!
So this morning I woke up and it was just another day...
I went to school and was subbing at a school that I sub at every other week. 
But today was different everyone was asking me if I was having a baby. 
You think they would've noticed before since I just subbed there 2 weeks ago. 
All day I kept on getting asked about it and I was wondering if I must look more pregnant now or something. 
So Then I really looked in the mirror with a critical eye. 
And THIS is what I saw! 

So I decided that today was NOT just another day. 
Today was the day that my pregnant belly popped out to the beginning of its hugeness.
I am only like 5 months pregnant! I still have 4 months to go until Baby B is here. 
I can only imagine how gigantic my belly will be by then! 
On the bright side, I look pregnant now and not just know.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


So I love Pinterest...
I love looking at baby stuff, recipes, tips for cleaning...
but most of all CRAFTS!!!!

I found this on pinterest....  but it was a super expensive etsy item
So I decided I could free hand it 
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out
I'm really excited to start making some baby crafts as well!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's A Girl!!!

Baby is a girl :) 
We are so excited!!!!!
The ultrasound appointment went really well. There was only one thing that they weren't able to see.
The doctor said that they were supposed to see this part of the heart and they couldn't get a pic of it. 
But then he said they did get a good picture of the 4 chambers and that eliminates 90% of any heart defects. 
So if they had seen the other part it only eliminates another 5% of problems. 
He said 3 times that it was nothing to worry about or stress over. 
So for now we are trusting that she is healthy and has a strong little heart <3
Having the ultrasound was a lot of fun and excitement. 
It was so comforting to see her and know that everything they could see was healthy and strong. 
Our ultrasound tech was really nice and super friendly. 
As she was doing the ultrasound she was telling us what everything was and that our baby was doing great and was super active! 
Which is good because it shows she is healthy. 
Baby B was being super wiggly! She was moving all over the place like a naughty!
The ultrasound tech kept trying to get pictures of things for the doctor to look at and for us on our print out and DVD but baby kept squiggling. We loved seeing her cute little body! She was so tiny but it was fun because she had arms and legs and a cute little face that we could see. It was funny because there would just be this big dark spot on the screen and then all the sudden her little face would peek through for a second and then it was gone. She looked kinda like she was playing peek a boo with us already! 
It was so fun when she said that the baby was a girl. I got a little teary eyed and looked over at Danny and he just had a big ol' grin on his face.  
It's nice to have tangible and visual proof to know that the baby is actually in there. Sometimes I get scared that something is wrong because she isn't moving all the time but then I poke my belly and prod at her until I feel a kick in protest. 
I know I'm being an annoying mom already! 
It's so fun to feel the little kicks and punches and just squirmy baby movements. I love when Danny is able to feel some of the kicks too! His face lights up every time with complete joy. 
We love our little one and can't wait to get to cuddle her and see her!
Over half way done :) 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

19 Weeks!

So I hit the 19 week mark!!!
As of tomorrow only one week to go til we find out if baby is a boy or girl :)
If you would like to guess you can leave a comment on my blog. 
Please don't comment on the post on facebook
I'm trying to keep most the pregnancy stuff on the blog for now

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pregnancy Hormones

So I figured that pregnancy would not get the best of me emotions wise...
Boy was I WRONG!
One minute I will be super happy, like out of control almost. 
Before I know it I am super mad about any teeny little thing that isn't going right for me. 
And don't even get me started on crying just out of the blue, seriously. 
Today I started crying for no reason.
Baby, it's a good thing you are so exciting and will be super cute!
What I predict you'll look like if a sweet princess:

And little man:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

18 weeks

18 weeks! And baby is a mover :) 
Nausea and vomiting has subsided and so has frequent restroom trips
People keep bugging me to post pregnancy pics so here is one from today...

The baby bump is starting to look like an actual baby bump and not just a pot belly. 
I'm getting super excited to find out what baby is!
Only 2 weeks to go :) 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flood Pics

The Rains Came Down and The Floods Came Up

So...Danny and I have been at our new house for 2 weeks now. In that two weeks we have tried to unpack everything we own and find space for it. This task has proved to be harder than it first seemed. We decided that we would focus on the upstairs first. We successfully unpacked everything that needed to go in the kitchen and proceeded to decorate. 
I had been looking forward to having a whole house to decorate however I wanted! However, the only real additions that we were aloud to make as per our lease were small nail holes. So the light pink shiny old lady wallpaper that I despise had to stay...and sadly the old lady type furniture in the front room. I have grown used to this however and learned to live with it. I have been trying to find cute and cheap ways to decorate and one place that I have found to help me with ideas is PINTREST!  I love it :) I have already done 3 crafts from pintrest for our new house and have a few more planned for the near future. I am so excited! It is finally coming together the way that I wanted! I would take some pictures but sadly....we lost our camera somewhere in the moving process and have to wait to buy a new one. But when we get one I will definitely post some :) 
So...about the title of this blog post...I'm sure some of you are wondering what that's all about. Well, yesterday morning we awoke to the wonderful reality of a flooded basement. Danny and I ran around panicking that we had done something to cause it. There were 3 inches of water on the entire basement floor and in the storage room the ceiling had collapsed in the corner and boxes and such were soaked. Did I mention that we are renting this house from an older couple while they are on their mission and she is like the queen of food storage? I mean seriously, this lady is ready for the end of the world. As soon as we figured out the water was coming from the master bedroom bathroom Danny realized he had to break into the window (don't worry he had permission to do so) to get into the room since the couple had locked the door on us in case we thieved...I guess. Anyways...we got it all figured out and the lady called people to come in and fix the sink and now there is a crew working on our house for the next 18 days. Yesterday was spent ripping up all the carpet and starting to move things out of the storage room. Today is tearing out damaged walls and moving the rest of the stuff out. Lucky for me I have an excuse to not help :) Not that I need to help with all these guys doing things. But yeah, pretty much it sucks. The End

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Field Day Fun

The last week of school was full of fun! Danny got to have most of it though. For some reason everyone at the school thinks that Danny is the run around guy. He was always jumping in and helping everyone out. They had him in several different classes throughout the day so he was always running here or there. If he didn't have anything to do he would come help out in my classroom. The office lady kept him pretty busy though. At the end of the awards ceremony they decided to have a game called egg roulette. The object of this game was to be the last one left without egg on you...I bet people can already assume that Danny was not the winner and here's a video to prove just how awesome he was at this game.

 For field day Danny was assigned to the dunk tank. He got dunked a ton but also had a lot of breaks because the teachers at my school are amazing and let their classes dunk them. I am included in that list of awesome teachers :) For the record...I dunked Danny 4 times. He only got me 2!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How We Met

So this past summer I decided to go home and teach summer school again but I wanted to meet people and I knew I wouldn't be able to do that in Walla Walla. So I asked my aunt Kelli if I could stay with her on the weekends. Being the awesome aunt that she is, she said of course :) So I began to go Prosser on the weekends. I decided that I wanted to pick my ward since the whole reason I was going there was to meet people. I tried all the different wards out and each was ok but I finally just decided to go to the last one I went to because they were all about the same. When I was visiting the pasco ward however, they announced a weekly volleyball activity on Thursday nights. I figured why not, I mean I did play in high school, and I liked it when I actually got to play (the coach hated me for some reason...long story). So I decided to be outgoing and adventurous and went to volleyball. The first time I went I was a little disappointed because there weren't really any cute guys (I mean, that's the main reason I was going right?) but it was a lot of fun and I decided to try it again. The next time I went I saw this one guy there. My first thought was he's cute, shortly followed by my second thought of he probably has a girlfriend or something. So I decided to be brave and act like I was super friendly and awesome. I asked him his name and what he was up to with his life, going to school, working etc...His answer quite possibly changed the way I saw him. He said that he JUST got back from his mission 3 WEEKS AGO! My immediate reaction was "O no :( he's a baby, dangit." I then made the called for small talk. Later, when I got back to Kelli's house she asked me how it was and if there were any cute guys. I said there was one but he's a baby. She said o well sometimes those are the best kind. I decided that I would keep going back to volleyball. The next few weeks went like this: me trying to get to know him more and more, but also at the same time knowing that nothing would happen because I'm an old lady and he's a baby. I acted friendly and even added him on facebook. He seemed to be interested but was super shy so I just waited to see if anything would happen. I noticed him looking over at me whenever he did something good to make sure I saw and he sorta bragged about it to me...but I always tried to do better than him so I could rub it in. Sometimes I did, sometimes he beat me. It was kinda fun and flirty. I kept on waiting for him to ask me out or for my number or something and he never did. Finally, my last time at volleyball I told him that it was my last time at the the end of the night and he was like o...where are you going? I told him I was teaching in Utah. He then said "O one of my buddies is coming home from his mission soon and I'll be coming down there" (an obvious hint that maybe we could do I said "Hey we should do something when you come down, here's my number." As we were exchanging numbers, a girl from volleyball told us they were all going to sonic to get ice cream and told us we should come. Danny looked at me and asked if I was going, I said I didn't know because I had to go to Prosser still. He then said you should come. I decided I might as well. So I drove behind him to sonic. On the way there I got a phone call from another guy so when I got there I talked on the phone for about 20 minutes (rude, I know). Meanwhile, Danny is sitting on his own bench with all these girls around him. I get off the phone and awkwardly approach the group. The only open spot is next to him. ask if I can sit down. He says yes. We spend the whole time listening to other people talking around us. Then one by one they all leave, just Danny and I are left at the table. I get up and say I should probably head home and he says the same. We walk back to our cars making small talk on the way. 20 minutes later we are lost in conversation when Kelli calls to see where I am (an hour later than I should be to her house). I tell her about sonic and tell her I'll head home after picking up a movie. I look behind us and there is a Walmart, so I decide to be brave and ask Danny if he wants to walk over with me to get a redbox. He says sure, we walk over and back still talking. Then we get back to the car and I tell him it was nice talking or something to that effect. He then asks "Hey, I know you are leaving on Saturday, and you probably have a lot of packing to do, but what are you doing tomorrow?" I told him I was packing and I had to see a few friends and I was supposed to have a movie night with my sister and sister in law but I might have some time. He then said "Good, because I want to see you." I told him that would be fun and to let me know what time and I'd see if it would work. We then said goodbye and each drove our separate ways. On my way to Kelli's house I was so excited and happy because I hadn't been asked out on a real date in like 3 years. I blasted Neil Diamond and sang at the top of my lungs. I was soooooooo excited. So....that's how we met :) Other stories soon to come.