Sunday, February 16, 2014

37 weeks!

Ok Baby's time to come out now.
As in...NOW! Anytime would be good for me. an hour...a minute...a second....Come out!
OK you can stay in there as long as you need to but really I would love it if you came soon :) 
We are at week 37 and everything is ready for baby to come. 
We have all our essentials ready to go. Now it's just a waiting game. 
To anyone reading this, pregnancy is not as bad as I thought. 
  But at the same time, I would LOVE for it to be over. Every day I tell the baby that she can come :) Sometimes I even order her to come out. haha...Weird, I know. I am getting impatient and uncomfortable. Also, tired of working...unless she comes early I have exactly 9 more days to work! WAHOO!!! I am so excited to be done. But most importantly, I am excited for my new job. Being a mom. I have waited for this day my whole life and it's finally getting close. Sometimes I am so happy! 
Also, I am terrified. 
What if I'm not the mom that I want to be? 
I guess everyone gets scared at some point and especially at the beginning. I am so happy and blessed to have Danny to support and help me through this new stage in our lives :) 
It will also be nice to have family close by in case I need my own mommy to help me through this :) 
Brooklyn, we can't wait for you to be here! 

Warning...lots of Pinterest Inspired crafts...not professional but I had fun :) 

O big belly...

Beccah, These are the headbands I made that I wanted to show you! 


  1. Kami! I love everything about it!I can't believe she's almost here!!!! I am so excited to see what little Brooklyn looks like :) and to someday meet her. She has amazing parents!

  2. Fabulous job on the nursery! And you look so great! I'm jealous you aren't all puffy faced ;) I'm so excited to meet baby B!! I want to come as soon as possible!