Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

We have recently discovered the joys of Baby Einstein.
Brooklyn loves it. She can be super fussy and we will turn it on and she calms down. 
I especially love putting it on during the day for a little while so she can be entertained while I am cleaning or getting other stuff done.

I also have been able to do a few crafts lately.
I used Brooklyn's feet and some ideas from pinterest to make this one :)

We also celebrated mothers day for my first time.
It was really nice. Danny cooked all day for me. Breakfast,lunch, dinner and even dessert! Okay I helped a little bit but he did most of it. We had steak and pasta for dinner! It was delicious. He also made Andes mint cookies which turned out great! I got a cute hand painted mug with Brooklyn's foot print on it, a necklace with her birthstone, some perfume and a massage! It was an awesome day :) 

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