Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How We Met

So this past summer I decided to go home and teach summer school again but I wanted to meet people and I knew I wouldn't be able to do that in Walla Walla. So I asked my aunt Kelli if I could stay with her on the weekends. Being the awesome aunt that she is, she said of course :) So I began to go Prosser on the weekends. I decided that I wanted to pick my ward since the whole reason I was going there was to meet people. I tried all the different wards out and each was ok but I finally just decided to go to the last one I went to because they were all about the same. When I was visiting the pasco ward however, they announced a weekly volleyball activity on Thursday nights. I figured why not, I mean I did play in high school, and I liked it when I actually got to play (the coach hated me for some reason...long story). So I decided to be outgoing and adventurous and went to volleyball. The first time I went I was a little disappointed because there weren't really any cute guys (I mean, that's the main reason I was going right?) but it was a lot of fun and I decided to try it again. The next time I went I saw this one guy there. My first thought was he's cute, shortly followed by my second thought of he probably has a girlfriend or something. So I decided to be brave and act like I was super friendly and awesome. I asked him his name and what he was up to with his life, going to school, working etc...His answer quite possibly changed the way I saw him. He said that he JUST got back from his mission 3 WEEKS AGO! My immediate reaction was "O no :( he's a baby, dangit." I then made the called for small talk. Later, when I got back to Kelli's house she asked me how it was and if there were any cute guys. I said there was one but he's a baby. She said o well sometimes those are the best kind. I decided that I would keep going back to volleyball. The next few weeks went like this: me trying to get to know him more and more, but also at the same time knowing that nothing would happen because I'm an old lady and he's a baby. I acted friendly and even added him on facebook. He seemed to be interested but was super shy so I just waited to see if anything would happen. I noticed him looking over at me whenever he did something good to make sure I saw and he sorta bragged about it to me...but I always tried to do better than him so I could rub it in. Sometimes I did, sometimes he beat me. It was kinda fun and flirty. I kept on waiting for him to ask me out or for my number or something and he never did. Finally, my last time at volleyball I told him that it was my last time at the the end of the night and he was like o...where are you going? I told him I was teaching in Utah. He then said "O one of my buddies is coming home from his mission soon and I'll be coming down there" (an obvious hint that maybe we could do something...so I said "Hey we should do something when you come down, here's my number." As we were exchanging numbers, a girl from volleyball told us they were all going to sonic to get ice cream and told us we should come. Danny looked at me and asked if I was going, I said I didn't know because I had to go to Prosser still. He then said you should come. I decided I might as well. So I drove behind him to sonic. On the way there I got a phone call from another guy so when I got there I talked on the phone for about 20 minutes (rude, I know). Meanwhile, Danny is sitting on his own bench with all these girls around him. I get off the phone and awkwardly approach the group. The only open spot is next to him. ask if I can sit down. He says yes. We spend the whole time listening to other people talking around us. Then one by one they all leave, just Danny and I are left at the table. I get up and say I should probably head home and he says the same. We walk back to our cars making small talk on the way. 20 minutes later we are lost in conversation when Kelli calls to see where I am (an hour later than I should be to her house). I tell her about sonic and tell her I'll head home after picking up a movie. I look behind us and there is a Walmart, so I decide to be brave and ask Danny if he wants to walk over with me to get a redbox. He says sure, we walk over and back still talking. Then we get back to the car and I tell him it was nice talking or something to that effect. He then asks "Hey, I know you are leaving on Saturday, and you probably have a lot of packing to do, but what are you doing tomorrow?" I told him I was packing and I had to see a few friends and I was supposed to have a movie night with my sister and sister in law but I might have some time. He then said "Good, because I want to see you." I told him that would be fun and to let me know what time and I'd see if it would work. We then said goodbye and each drove our separate ways. On my way to Kelli's house I was so excited and happy because I hadn't been asked out on a real date in like 3 years. I blasted Neil Diamond and sang at the top of my lungs. I was soooooooo excited. So....that's how we met :) Other stories soon to come.

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  1. Love it! But I'm kind of sad I didn't know any of this before :( We need to talk more.

    P.S. VEGASSSSSS!!!!! :D