Sunday, June 9, 2013

Field Day Fun

The last week of school was full of fun! Danny got to have most of it though. For some reason everyone at the school thinks that Danny is the run around guy. He was always jumping in and helping everyone out. They had him in several different classes throughout the day so he was always running here or there. If he didn't have anything to do he would come help out in my classroom. The office lady kept him pretty busy though. At the end of the awards ceremony they decided to have a game called egg roulette. The object of this game was to be the last one left without egg on you...I bet people can already assume that Danny was not the winner and here's a video to prove just how awesome he was at this game.

 For field day Danny was assigned to the dunk tank. He got dunked a ton but also had a lot of breaks because the teachers at my school are amazing and let their classes dunk them. I am included in that list of awesome teachers :) For the record...I dunked Danny 4 times. He only got me 2!

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