Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sugar Baby!!!

Baby B is addicted to sugar...
I like me some sweets but baby seems to love them.
The only thing I ever really crave are sweet things. 
I made Danny buy me some See's Chocolates the other day because they looked way too good and I didn't even care that they were so expensive or that my mom will be making almost that exact candy in about a month. 

Baby is super hyper and moving all the time now. 
We can see her little kicks and karate chops through my clothes now!
It's so crazy to think that there is a little person inside of me punching me and prodding me all day. Sometimes she just keeps on kicking over and over and over again without stopping for like 20 seconds. 
It's so exciting to me. I love it when she moves at work because it makes me feel like a have a secret only between me and her. The kids have no idea what is going on inside of my tummy. It's probably the thing  that I'll miss most about being pregnant. No one can tell when it is happening unless I mention something.
 At least for now, but when she starts getting bigger and bigger it'll probably become easier to see what is happening and maybe people will even be able to see her little feet and know that I am receiving a huge kick! I wouldn't put it past her. She is soooooo squirmy. I love it :) 

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